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This listing is for 3 bottles of the same flavour and nicotine strength.  3 bottles for £7 including postage.  High quality Premium10ml e-liquid Vampire Vapes e-liquid bottle available in a mouth watering flavour and Nicotine strength of your choice

These are manufactured here in the UK under strict ISO Accredited lab conditions and fully TPD compliant.

Vampire Vapes E-LIQUIDS have been selling on the e-cig market for over 8 years now and have a decent reputation for their Ice Menthol, Heisenberg & Pinkman flavours.

They are blended at 50:50 (VG:PG)

All flavour descriptions are listed below

Heisenberg Flavour
A top secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of all day vapes.
A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is... and wanting more.
The concentrated version of Heisenberg is a true-blue gem that carries some serious flavour. With the concentrate, you can make your own fruity e-liquid with a sure-fire minty kick.

Pinkman Flavour
A flavour that will want all you fruity vapers wondering why we didn’t make this sooner. A mouth watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!

Arctic Fruit Flavour
Invigorate your taste buds with Arctic Fruit. This intense fruit fusion featuring a sweet tropical blend and aniseed that is utterly transformed with an ice-cold punch. The cooling element lifts the tanginess of the fruit flavours, enhancing the overall taste and satisfying your senses.

Attraction Flavour
A mixture of red berries & fruits with a menthol twist.

Black Ice Flavour
The childhood Black Jack sweet has been revamped with an icy menthol mix. It’s a delicious aniseed blend that comes with an icy cool undertone, which heightens the overall flavour giving a more profound taste with each inhale.
It’s a refreshing blend with strong aniseed flavours that are further enhanced by the sharp menthol kick.Best Menthol Winner 2018 - E-cig Click!

Black Jack Flavour
Black Jack e-liquid is a sweet smooth e-liquid tasting of the retro childhood candy. This mildly spiced liquorice and aniseed blend is jam packed full of sweet flavours and has a sugary after taste. Pair with a menthol e-liquid for a cool kick or vape on it’s own for a strong bold taste of Black Jack sweets.

Blackcurrant Flavour
Keep the flavour current going with this sweetened blackcurrant flavour, that is simply bursting with strong berry tastes with underlying sugary notes.
This delicious mix is inspired by the classic blackcurrant chews, offer a tart and juicy flavour with a huge fruit blast that gives a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

Blood Sukka Flavour
Blood Sukka is a flavoursome mix that combines cherries, berries and red fruits with sweet eucalyptus, all of which is enhanced by an underlying aniseed and menthol kick. It’s a concentrate mix that comes with one hell of a bite!

Blueberry Flavour
A vibrant fruit flavour with juicy blueberry tones that burst into the mixture offering a delicious and hard-hitting fruit flavour that leaves a subtle sweet taste behind.

Caribbean Ice Flavour - NEW FLAVOUR!
Caribbean Ice e-liquid is a fresh, sweet flavour. Tropical juicy mango has been skilfully blended with refreshing coconut and mixed with an icy menthol kick. This chilling exotic fruit fusion with a long lasting aroma has been replicated perfectly with an intense kick from first inhale right through to the after taste.

Dusk Flavour
Fruity, fizzy and fabulous is the only way to describe Dusk! This popular juice incorporates the fruitiness of pink lemonade that is tantalisingly enhanced by the raspberry fizz. It’s a revitalising flavour that is packed with fizzy fruit flavours that gently sweep through your palate, invigorating your taste buds as the fizz breezes through the mixture.

Ice Menthol Flavour
The Godfather of cool flavour with the minty, cool and refreshing flavours that provide the most satisfying vape. It’s a truly mint’ flavour.
It's easy to chill out with our ice-cold flavour that invigorates your senses with its intense menthol flavours.Brilliant on its own and even better when infused with delicious fruit flavours!

Sherbet Lemon Flavour
The zesty mix comes with tart lemon flavours with a light sherbet filling just like the classic hard-boiled sweet. With every inhale a sweet and sugary sherbet hits the senses, tantalising your taste buds which are further tickled with a tangy lemon flavour on the exhale. The flavour sensation rests on the palate leaving a sweet taste on your palate.

Strawberry Kiwi Flavour
A classic fruit collaboration that entwines vibrant strawberry and kiwi flavours creating one delicious mix that powers through your palate, leaving a light and fruity taste behind. The sharp and tart kiwi flavours work in harmony with the ripened and juicy strawberry flavours giving a tantalising flavour sensation with every inhale.

Vamp Toes Flavour
Rejuvenate your taste buds with Vamp Toes, a popular, mixed berry juice with an aniseed twist. This sharp-tasting flavour is reminiscent of the classic cordial drink, with strong and juicy flavours that rest on the palate long after it's been vaped! This divine retro mix is both fruity and delicious without the slightest hint of a vampire’s toe!