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SLUSHIE - CREAMIE - SWEETIE E-Liquid Bundle - 50ml 0mg Short Fill 
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SLUSHIE - CREAMIE - SWEETIE E-Liquids are made with the finest ingredients only. NEW range!

Should you wish to mix and match please ensure you email us on info@vvapes.co.uk.


Bubblegum Slush eliquid is an experience of mouth watering sweet sugar candy gum unmatched in quality and taste, Pink Bubblegum is a Mouth watering, tasty and popular slush concentrate flavour made to bring out the kid in you!

Blueberry Slush: Nothing quite tastes like summer more than a succulent, mouth-watering flavour to quench your thirst. blue raspberry slushie is an overwhelming concoction of powerful bluebbery and raspberry relish fused with a mighty ice feel to incorporate the thrilling experience of the frozen tang!

Cola Slush is an amazing cola ice pop evolved into your all day summer vape on a hot summers day, cola ice is a classic for soothing and cooling down your brain. what a perfect companion for a day basking in the scorching sun!!

Pineapple Slush is a true tropical taste of a tangy iced pineapple mixed with a real succulent mango creating an unimaginable vape that will provide the perfect gateway to our very own vape island!!

Strawberry Slush has taken the classic strawberry slush to a whole new level! intricately layering ingredients to create an irresistible, strawberry ice kick upon inhale whilst the kiwi explodes exotic vibes on the tongue upon exhale!

Cherry Slush E-liquid is a deep sweet ripe cherry flavour on the inhale.  Every inhale feels like the cherries have been picked just at the right time! The cherry aspect has been inspired by American cherry flavouring around the jolly rancher sweets! On the exhale you get a cool smooth icy vape. 

Grape Slush E-liquid is a smooth sweet fresh tasting red grapes flavour inhale with a slushie twist.

Kiwi Slush E-liquid is a deep richly sweet kiwi fruit (not the sour type) on the inhale and a subtle hint of ice on the exhale.

Orange Slush E-liquid is a combination of citrus orange with a sweet yet citrusey on inhale and an icy exhale creating a smooth finish.

Watermelon Slush E-liquid is a sweet summer watermelon take with a cool down of slushie twist.

Lime Slush E-liquid is a sharp and cool blend for a balanced taste. The lime flavour on inhale has sweet and citrus notes; softened on exhale by a layer of icy menthol for a smooth finish.

Passionfruit & Mango Slush E-liquid combines tropical fruits. The mango flavour is present throughout with its blend of sweet and juicy notes; enhanced on exhale by the light notes of passionfruit. With the ice creating a light finish.

Purple Slush E-liquid is a combination of mojito and blackcurrant with a cool twist. A strong blackcurrant flavour on inhale creates a mix of sweet and sharp notes with a juicy taste; softened on exhale by an icy menthol taste.

Summer Slush E-liquid is made up a vibrant blend of summer fruit flavours on inhale, with hints of berry that creates a sweet base note with a sharp aftertaste; a distinctive lemonade flavour creates a sugary exhale.

Tropical Slush E-liquid is a sweet and sharp blend of fruits with a smooth finish. The tropical fruit flavour on inhale has juicy notes, intensified by honeydew melon on exhale.


Black Gummy Bear E-liquid by Sweetie is a juicy blend of fruit and candy. On inhale, you'll detect a prominent blackcurrant flavour which creates a juicy aftertaste; this is complemented by sugary notes of gummy candy for a sweet tasting finish.

Cola-Cubes E-liquid by Sweetie has a taste that sits between sweet and tangy. Fizzy notes of cola characterise the inhale, whilst hints of caramel develop on exhale to create an authentic tasting cola sweet.

Drumsticks E-liquid by Sweetie is inspired by a sweet shop favourite. Ripe and sugary notes of raspberry candy get things started on inhale, creating a juicy aftertaste. This is combined with a creamy milk flavour for a smooth and silky finish.

English Toffee E-liquid by Sweetie is a decadent blend, combining smooth notes of caramel and butterscotch with hints of creamy, sweet confectionary; a flavour profile perfect for those with a serious sweet tooth!

Orange Lollipop E-liquid by Sweetie has a sweet and fruity taste throughout, featuring a citrus bite on inhale thanks to the orange flavour, followed by sugary notes of candy to create a genuine tasting lollipop vape.

Strawberry Chew its E-liquid by Sweetie has a taste synonymous with its name; a ripe tasting strawberry flavour on inhale is intensified by sugary notes of strawberry candy on exhale, for a sweet tasting finish.

Twister Lolly E-liquid by Sweetie has a prominent strawberry flavour on inhale, which has a real depth and creates a juicy aftertaste. This is complemented by tangy notes of lime and a hint of pineapple candy, for an overall tropical taste.


Apple Pie E-liquid by Creamie is a dessert blend taking inspiration from the classic British pudding. The taste of a rich and buttery pastry on inhale is complemented by sweet apples on exhale, with a dash of cream.

Banana Milk E-liquid by Creamie is a distinct, dessert blend. The smooth flavour of banana is combined with a sweet milk taste to replicate the popular drink.

Blue Raspberry Milkshake E-liquid by Creamie features a fruit flavour combined with a creamy base. The sweet yet sharp blue raspberry flavour is complemented by a smooth milk for a distinct E-liquid.

Caramel Toffee E-liquid by Creamie is a rich dessert blend. The smooth caramel with buttery undertones is combined with a robust coffee for a distinct, sugary yet dark E-liquid.

Cinnamon Swirl E-liquid by Creamie is a dessert blend taking inspiration for the famed danish pastry. The taste of sweet yet spiced cinnamon is present throughout, further complemented by sugary pastry notes to create a distinct vape.

Coconut Choco E-liquid by Creamie is a smooth dessert blend. At first the powerful flavour of chocolate greets you on inhale before being balanced out by a sweet coconut for a unique eliquid.

Hazelnut Cookie E-liquid by Creamie is a nutty, bakery blend. The authentic taste of sweet hazelnut combined with a sugary cookie base creates a layered taste.

Raspberry Donut E-liquid by Creamie is a bakery blend with a fruit twist. The sugary donut base is consistent throughout, complemented by a sweet yet juicy taste of raspberry for a balanced vape.

Strawberry Marshmallow E-liquid is a sweet and smooth combination of fruit and candy. The strawberry flavour on inhale has ripe-tasting notes and a sugary aftertaste; further enhanced on exhale by the marshmallow.

Vanilla Milk E-liquid is a sweet dessert blend. The smooth taste of vanilla is present throughout, complemented by a creamy milk for a simple yet balanced flavour.


    Perfect for Sub-Ohm Vaping
    50ml of e-liquid in 60ml Bottle 
    Nicotine: 0mg (Nicotine Free)
    Mix: 70/30 VG/PG


1 x Slushie-Creamie-Sweetie 50ml E-Liquid in a Short Fill Bottle (plus nic shot if 3mg option selected)