2 X electronic cigarette e-liquid 88Vape e cig eliquid 2X50ml=100ML 0mg VG 75%

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Perfect for Sub-Ohm Vaping
E-liquid Volume: 50ml
Bottle capacity: 60ml
Nicotine: 0mg nicotine
Mix: 75/25 VG/PG

Flavours Menu:

Apple Crumble - a classic and delicious British dessert e-liquid that’s beyond tasty! Our Apple Crumble E-liquid by vape 88 gives you all the flavour of Britain’s favourite home-cooked dessert. The tang of baked apples and the sweet buttery tastes of a caramelised biscuit crumble topping make this one of the most moreish e-liquid flavours on the market for vapers with sweet tooths! 

Apple Freeze - not your average apple e-liquid! The sweet tastes of apple slushie are mixed with the tangy tastes of scrumpy for a true flavour sensation!  Our Apple Freeze is more than just a frozen apple e-liquid! There is a sweetness, sourness and coolness to its complex flavour - bringing you sweet green apple, tangy scrumpy and cool mint in one big blast of vape!

Caramel Nut Cheesecake e-liquid - a rich cheesecake e-liquid with the savoury taste of peanut and mellow smooth caramel. Our Caramel Nut Cheesecake e-liquid is the perfect dessert e-liquid! Rich flavours of crunchy peanut are balanced by mellow tones of caramel and the unexpected tang of cheesecake. Your taste buds are sure to go nutty for this balanced e-liquid flavour!

Cherry Sherbet e-liquid - a cherry e-liquid that’s reminiscent of classic 80s sweets that fizz on your tongue! Our Cherry Sherbet e-liquid is a great e-liquid flavour for fans of retro confectionery. Styled off of the sweet-sourness of cherry sherbet, this e-liquid will tantalise your tastebuds with its rich red cherry flavour!

Brûlée - a custard e-liquid that’s inspired by the creamy vanilla tastes of France’s most famous dessert!Our Crème Brûlée e-liquid brings the creamy vanilla custard and caramelised sugar flavours from everyone’s favourite posh dessert into a truly luxurious e-liquid flavour. If you’re a sweet tooth who’s a fan of dessert e-liquid, this is definitely one to add to your list!

Grape Freeze e-liquid - a very cool grape ice e-liquid that brings together sweet fruit flavours with the icy exhale of menthol. Our Grape Freeze e-liquid combines the refreshing flavour of tart-sweet grape juice with the cool and refreshing sensation of cool menthol. This fruit menthol e-liquid will give you a taste sensation that will have your tongue begging for more!

Lemon Meringue Pie e-liquid - a lemon e-liquid inspired by the warm and comforting flavours of home cooked lemon meringue pie. Our Lemon Meringue Pie e-liquid is packed full of sweet juicy lemon flavours, topped with fluffy clouds of meringue and underlaid by hints of crumbly biscuit base. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then we don’t know what does!

Mango Freeze e-liquid - a juicy mango e-liquid flavour that gives you a kick of icy menthol for good measure! Our Mango Freeze e-liquid is perfect for any vaper that loves a great-tasting fruit menthol e-liquid! The sweet tropical tastes of mango are perfectly balanced by the coolness of the menthol exhale.

Pineapple & Coconut e-liquid - a pineapple e-liquid inspired by piña coladas, sunny weather and sweet tropical flavours!  Our Pineapple & Coconut e-liquid is perfect for any vaper that likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain! This happy-go-lucky flavour combines the delicious sweetness of pineapple with the tropical creaminess of coconut. You can sit back and relax with this sweet and creamy e-liquid.

Strawberry Jam e-liquid - if you’re a strawberry e-liquid fan, this is the flavour that you’ve been waiting for! Our Strawberry Jam e-liquid is jam-packed full of the sweet goodness of homemade strawberry jam without the sugar! If you’re a sweet-tooth vaper, this heavenly-sweet flavour is soon to be your favourite all-day-vape! 

Strawberry, Kiwi & Watermelon e-liquid - a mouthwatering e-liquid flavour packed full of sweet fruity flavours. Our Strawberry, Kiwi & Watermelon e-liquid brings you all the sweetness of a strawberry e-liquid elevated by the juiciness of kiwi and watermelon. This fantastic fruity frenzy is as sweet as it is refreshing! What’s not to like?

Tropical Fruits e-liquid - a full range of tropical island flavours packed into one e-liquid! Our Tropical Fruits e-liquid is a tropical fruit e-liquid that’s bursting with sweet sunshine flavours that’ll transport you to a golden beach in the sun! The juiciness of pineapple and mango is finished by a fizzy sherbet aftertaste that will leave your tastebuds singing!

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