Aspire Breeze Seals / O-Rings / Drip tip / Chimney / Coils / Atomizers / Parts

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This listing is for various Aspire Breeze parts all parts are 100% genuine.

Seals - Set of three (one for drip tip and two on the chimney post)
Drip tip - This sits on the chimney and it also comes with the metal square slotted in which is used to tighten the chimney.
Drip tip cap - Sits on the actual drip tip and stops the dust from getting in.
Chimney Unit / Post -
The chimney sits between the coil and the drip tip. This part unfortunately goes through a lot of usage due to the design of the breeze system. 
Coils / Atomizers - Set of 5 (0.6 ohm) breeze atomizers / coils.