Aspire BVC Clearomizer Replacement Coils 1.8 Ohm for K1 K2 Tank, ET, ET-S,CE5, CE5-S, Vivi Nova, K1 Lite, Stealth Kit, Breeze Spryte AIO 5 Pack, No Nicotine

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Product description

Nicotine-Free, 0mg Nicotine Compatible devices: aspire K1 Tank aspire K1 Plus Tank aspire K2 Tank aspire K Lite Tank aspire CE5 Tank aspire CE5-S Tank aspire ET Tank aspire ET-S Tank aspire ET-S Glass Tank aspire Vivi Nova Tank aspire Vivi Nova-S Tank aspire Mini Vivi Nova Tank aspire Mini Vivi Nova-S Tank aspire Maxi Tank aspire Mini E-Pen Tank aspire K2 Kit aspire K Lite Kit aspire K1 Stealth Kit aspire Spyrte AIO Kit NOTE: These coil are NOT for the aspire Nautilus,Nautilus Mini,Nautilus 2,Nautilus 2S,K3 Tank Authentic and Genuine with the Verification Sticker located on the package,please verify security code on aspire brand homepage WARNING *Always make sure that can run aspire BVC Clearomizer Replacement Coils before purchasing and useing these coils *These resistance coils should only be used by experienced users *Keep out of reach of children If any questions or disatisfaction about the product, feel free to contact us for full refund within 6 months Package contain 5 x aspire BVC Clearomizer Replacement Coils 1.8ohm 1x 13mm diameter Extra Small Vape band designed for a snug fit with small pens such as all aspire tanks mentioned above

Legal Disclaimer

“This product contains no nicotine” “Keep this product out of the reach of children” You must be 18 and over to purchase this product

  • 1.8 Ohm