Aspire Cleito 120 Parts Seals/Top Retention Base/Drip Tip/Glass Extended RTA

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Various Parts for the Cleito 120:
Seals - 3 Pcs (Available in black or white set)
Drip Tip - Sits on retention base comes with the seal which i under the drip tip.
Retention Base - Sits on top of glass and under drip tip. Available in silver or black.
Extended Glass - Increases capacity to allow easier RTA Usage
Standard Glass - Replacement glass which comes as standard with the cleito 120
Extended Glass By Vapesoon - Increases capacity to allow easier RTA Usage produced by Vapesoon who are leading manufacturers of e-cig parts and only specialise in parts.
RTA - This is a rebuild-able tank atomizer deck available for the Cleito 120.  It allows single and dual coil set up.  It is preconfigured with two coils.  It is highly recommended to be used by advanced vapors who have experience of building their own coils and an understanding of electrics such as Ohm / Discharge / Wattage / Voltage requirements. 
Pre-built coils - These are pre-built coils available in a pack of 6 for your RTA.  This will save you time! The coil spec is available in the picture gallery.  These last long providing they are looked after and cotton is changed regularly however as well all know there are some coil killer liquids out there! But will not mention these on a listing :)

Please note all parts are genuine Aspire products unless stated in the listing.