Aspire Cleito Parts Base Seal Gaskit Drip tip Top Retaining Base Glass K4 Tank

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This listing is of various parts for the Cleito tank.
1) Driptip - This is a plastic driptip to fit on your top retaining base

2) Rubber Seal Gasket - This is the seal which goes around the bottom base and stop liquid from leaking from the bottom of the glass

3) Replacement Glass - Replaces the original glass

4) Retaining top base - This sits on top of the glass and screws directly on to the top of the coil.  As these threads are used a lot there is a high risk of threads wearing out hence the need for a new top base (please note this does not come with the drip tip).  Available in Black and Silver.

5) Cleito RTA System - For advanced users who prefer to build their own coils.

6) Cleito Coils - Available in 0.2 and 0.4 Ohms in single or 5 pack as selected.

7) Extended Glass - Ideal for the RTA or increasing to 5ml Capacity