Aspire Pre Built Coils. Clapton Kanthal pre made. For Cleito/Triton RTA/RBA plus

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6 x Aspire Pre Built Clapton Coils.

Each coil has a 26-gauge Kanthal core wrapped Clapton style with a 35-gauge Kanthal wire. Because they are not wound manually, these coils feature perfect and consistent spacing and diameter.


Material: Kanthal AF

Type: Clapton

Core: 26 Gauge

Wrapped 35 Gauge

Inner Diameter 2.95mm

Resistance: 0.8-0.9 Ohms (0.4-0.45 Ohms on Dual set up)

These are typically used in the Cleito RTA system but can be used on other RBA / RTA systems.

Safety tips:

-Always use regulated mods

-Never use poor quality batteries (20A and over)

-Ensure your mod / battery is suitable for this item.

-Enure your coil does not touch the base or the outer shield when building

-Ensure a nice smooth cut-off at post

-Try to keep symmetric distance on post when on a dual set up.

-This is an item for advanced vape users so if your not too sure about anything please get in touch before purchasing.

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