Chubby Gorilla V3 5x 120ml PET Bottles for E-Liquid - Dropper Bottles (Clear Bottle with Transparent Cap, 120 ml)

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CHUBBY GORILLA 120ML V3 PET UNICORN BOTTLE WITH CRC & TES TRANSPARENT BOTTLE + TRANSPARENT CAP Unicorn bottles with child lock and tamper free sealing Includes: The Chubby Gorilla PET Unicorn Bottles are designed specifically for E-Liquid unlike others, they feature a soft squeeze PET bottle that doesn't shatter like glass bottles, the mouth of the bottle is wider making it easier to fill, the dripper base fits tighter to avoid leaks and the built-in drip tip is narrow to avoid over drip. The child resistant cap and tamper evident seal are engineered for safety and assurance.

  • Child Resistant Cap on all PET Unicorn Bottles
  • Never worry about leaks damaging your other stuff or wasting anything. Ease-squeeze construction for consistent and natural flow rate of your liquids.
  • Food Grade Durable Soft Squeeze PET
  • Perfect design for traveling. It's a great size for carrying in your pocket or purse. The plastic has a soft spot, so they are easier to dispense and squeeze. It is very convenient!
  • Use: Liquids/ e-liquid /Oils/Paint dye/ liquid/emulsion/ eye drops / e-juice liquid/ e oil/ e-smoke juice/inks.