Geekbar & Vampire Vape Collaboration Heisenberg Pinkman Blood Sucka Mango Ice 20mg 2% Geekbars DIsposable Vape Pens | £5.49 | Free Postage

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The Vampire Vape Heisenberg Geek Bar Disposable Vape combines the most popular puff bars with award-winning Vampire Vape 20Mg nic salts and a 500mAh battery for all-day vaping.

  • A leakproof, compact vape, perfect for your pocket
  • Award-winning Vampire Vape flavours with every puff
  • 20Mg Nic Salts for a smoother hit
  • 500mAh battery for longer-lasting vaping


The Flavours:


You're definitely in for a treat with this Geek Bar filled with the award-winning mixed berries fruit sensation with its cool menthol kick.

Black Jack

Loaded with a mildly spiced liquorice and aniseed, flavoured e-liquid, this Geek Bar will bring back memories of childhood candy with every puff.


Bursting with the dark fruity taste of fresh blackcurrant, this Geek Bar is a fruit lovers dream, delivering a naturally rich fruity taste with every puff.

All Day Grape

The refreshingly sweet and juicy grape flavour with its intense ice-cold aftertaste definitely makes this Geek Bar a fruit lovers favourite.


The subtle taste of menthol just adds to this classic chewing gum flavour Geek Bar that will see you savour every delicious puff of spearmint.

Mango Ice

A Geek Bar packed with the tropical flavour of sweet mango with an icy-cool kick for a refreshingly fruity taste with every delicious puff.

Sweet Strawberry

Enjoy the sweet taste of summer in this Geek Bar packed with the flavour of mouthwatering red strawberries that caress your tastebuds.

Bloog Sucka

An explosion of sweet berries and juicy cherries topped off with a hint of eucalyptus with a dash of menthol makes this Geek Bar unmissable.


If you've ever experienced the award-winning flavour of Pinkman red fruits, you won't want to miss this Geek Bar with its ice-cool twist.

Ice Menthol

Enjoy the crisp burst of icy freshness with this Geek Bar that promises to deliver a sharp frosty taste of menthol with every ice-cool puff.