Genuine Efest LUSH Q4 Charger 4-slot fast charge up to 2A / 1A LED 18650 26650

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Efest LUSH Q4 is a well built 4-slot Li-ion Battery charger. It has just been released by Efest (August 2017).  This automatically sets charging speeds depending on the amount of batteries slotted in ranging from 2A to 0.5A.  It is powered by a UK Plug (included).  Has a great stylish LED screen and designed to look nice.  Ideal for customers who like having plenty of batteries charged up at the same time.

    Convenient LED Indicator
    3 Charging Modes: 2A fast charge (1 battery) 1A (2 batteries) 0.5A (4 batteries)
    Auto Stop when fully charged and Auto charge when voltage lower than 4.05V
    0.6V and above activation - If your battery was over used and tried charging on a lower spec charger it will not bring it back to life unlike this efest charger which lets you use your battery to 0.6V.
    Battery Slots are monitored independently.
    Accepts 3.6V or 3.7V batteries of various sizes
    Reverse polarity protection
    Auto-detect charging
    Over-charge protection
    Short circuit protection
Compatible with: 20700,26650,18650,18500,18350,17340,16340,14500,10440,26500


Efest provide high quality assurance by carrying out the following measures on each charger before released to consumers:
- Made with piano springs
- 15,000+ times spring testing quality warranty
- Fire retardant shell
- Quality Certification

Buy with confidence from an approved Efest distributor.  Authorisation code: 69589462O44VLAO59

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