Genuine Innokin Glass Replacement Tube for i sub iSub / G / mini / V / VE / V5

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This is for one 100% Genuine Innokin or unbranded (as per selection) Glass replacement tube of your choice.  The following options are available:

iSub G - Height: 30mm x Outer Width 21mm (Genuine & Unbranded Available)

iSub G Mini - Height 32.15mm x Outer Width 17mm

iSub V - Height: 25mm x Outer Width 21mm (Genuine & Unbranded Available)

iSub V (E) - Height: 18mm x Outer Width 21mm

iSub V (5) - Height: 31mm x Outer Width 21mm

Update - Innokin SMARTBOX Starter Kit takes the ISUB V (E) glass

Please be sure to order the correct glass for your tank.

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