Genuine TFV12 TFV8 Baby Beast CLOUD BEAST Big Baby Top Seals X-BABY TFV12 PRINCE

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Replacement Seals for Various tanks by SMOK including:
- TFV8 Tank full size (Cloud Beast) (Size Option: For Full Size TFV8)
- TFV8 Baby Beast (Size Option: For Baby Beast TFV8)
- TFV8 Baby tank (Size Option: For Baby Beast TFV8)
- TFV8 Brit Baby Beast (Size Option: For Baby Beast TFV8)
- TFV8 Big Baby Beast (Size Option: For Big Baby Beast TFV8)
- TFV12 Cloud Beast King (Size Option: For TFV12
- SMOK AIO Kit (Size Option: For SMOK AIO Kit)
- TFV8 X-Baby (Size Option: For X-Baby)
- TFV12 PRINCE (Size Option: For TFV12 PRINCE)

The manufacturer has now increased the hardness of these seals (Since 06/2017). This is done by producing at a higher temperature than the original ones by 10 degrees. The aim of this has been to increase life span and easy handling.

TFV8 Baby Beast (17mm x 15 mm)
Full Size TFV8 Cloud Beast (20mm x 18mm)
TFV12 Cloud Beast KING (20.5mm x 18.5mm)
TFV8 Big Baby Beast (20mm x 17.5mm)
SMOK AIO Kit (17mm x 15mm)
TFV8 X-Baby (19mm x 16.5mm)
TFV12 PRINCE (20mm x 17.5mm)
TFV12 PRINCE BABY (17mm x 15 mm)

Please be sure to select the correct size option for your tank. If you are not too sure please check the measurements in the listings against your seals (measured at highest points of the seal) or send us a message.  Although some dimensions are the same be sure to select your tank as there are shape differences in each tank.