KANGERTECH SSOCC Coils 0.5 Subtank Plus Mini Nano Nebox Subvod FREE P&P (5 PACK)

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100% GENUINE Kanger Tech SSOCC Replacement Coils 0.5 Ohms 5 Pack

Beware of cheap copies! Comes with scratch code to verify authentication.
The Kanger SSOCC coils are the updated version of the Kanger OCC coils and are manufactured with stainless steel casing, hence the acronym, SSOCC. The wire used in these coils is made from Nichrome. They also differ from the OCC coils in that they are cylindrical in shape and therefore take up less space/volume in the tank they are being used in, as opposed to the cuboid shaped OCC coils.

The SSOCC coils ship with the Nebox, Topbox and Subvod at the moment, with them likely to be introduced across all of kangers products at some point soon, in effect, replacing the OCC coils.

The SSOCC coils are backwards compatible and will work in any tank that currently takes the OCC coils.

5pcs of SSOCC Coils
New patented coil head design
Pure taste
Type available: 0.5.ohm

Replacement coil fit below atomizer:
Kangertech Subtank
Kangertech Subtank Plus
Kangertech Subtank Mini
Kangerteck Subtank Nano
Kangertech Subtank NEBOX
Kangerteck SUBVOD
Using guide:
For each top edge, drip one drop of E-juice, ensure there's no excess juice otherwise it will spit into your mouth.
Fill tank with E-juice and screw back the coil base, wait 30 seconds before vaping VERY IMPORTANT!

Package included:
5 x SSOCC replacement coil

Includes 'scratch to reveal authenticity code' on each box to prove authenticity.

I  have an effective age verification process that satisfies due diligence as described in the Business Companion guide for online age verification checks and  I will not sell to persons that are under 18 years old