Kangertech Top Tank Mini Tank, Top Fill, 2ML

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Kanger TopTank Mini (Top Fill Subtank Mini)

Kanger is truly one company that never ceases to dazzle the vaping community with not only the sheer quantity of the products released on a monthly basis, but with the high level of quality and ingenuity as well. Building upon the immense popularity of the Subtank line. The manufacturer has now released their latest innovation—the Kanger TopTank Mini.

The Kangertech TopTank Mini Clearomizer is a genuinely beautiful tank, which is available in red.

The Kanger TopTank Mini is made of 304-grade stainless steel. This unique metal alloy blend also contains chromium as well as nickel, which act to protect against rust and corrosion, making for a long-lasting, solid, and durable device.

The Kangertech TopTank Mini is intelligently designed to accommodate the Kanger OCC vertical coils as well as the SSOCC line of coils—the same as that which is used for the Subtank line of clearomizers.