Parts for Aspire Cleito 120 Seals | Base | Drip Tip | Glass | Top | RTA | Coils

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About this item
Various Parts for the Cleito 120:

Seals - 2 Pcs (Available in black - One seal sits on base hardware the other on top hardware)

Drip Tip - Sits on retention base comes with the seal which i under the drip tip. (Unbranded)

Retention Cap - Sits on top of glass and under drip tip. Available in silver, black or rainbow.

Base Hardware - Sits on bottom of glass and under the coil. Available in silver, black or rainbow.

Extended Glass - Increases capacity compared to standard glass
(Aspire Brand)

Standard Glass - Replacement glass which comes as standard with the cleito 120
(Aspire Brand)

1 x Coil- 0.16 Ohm Coil - 100-120w
(Aspire Brand)

RTA - This is a rebuild-able tank atomizer deck available for the Cleito 120.  It allows single and dual coil set up.  It is preconfigured with two coils.  For advanced vapors.
(Aspire Brand)

Pre-built coils - These are pre-built coils available in a pack of 6 for your RTA. 0.8 / 0.9 ohm clapton
(Aspire Brand)

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