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T-Juice pure flavour concentrates should only be used as part of an e-liquid product that is vaporised by electronic cigarettes. The concentrate has to be diluted with Propylene Glycol and / or Vegetable Glycerine. A diluted nicotine base can be added if required. For the best result, we recommend between 15 and 20% concentrate within the final mix.
Recommended steeping time for all DIY mixed juice is from 3 – 5 days. Please store liquids in a safe and dark space when steeping or not using them.
All flavour concentrates are PG based.

Flavour Descriptions:
Red Astaire
T-Juice's most popular flavour, Red Astaire blends lush red berries and black grape with punchy notes of sweet eucalyptus, subtle aniseed and a finish of menthol. One of Europe's best-loved all day vapes, this is a true classic.

Black 'n' Blue
A devilish mix of liquorice, blueberries and grapes, Black n Blue bursts with a full on aniseed candy kick and finishes with a refreshing menthol exhale.

Colonel Custard
Sweet-toothed vape fans will want to join the ranks of Colonel Custard's army. Fill your tank with this lusciously creamy, custardy vape - then sit back and enjoy, knowing the battle for great flavour is well and truly won!

Clara T
An instant hit when it joined the T-Juice range, Clara-T reinvents Red Astaire's classic notes of red berries and black grape with a more subtle lick of aniseed and an extra burst of freshness.

Vamp Vape
Sink your teeth into this blood-curdlingly good combo of creamy caramel with hints of coconut. This is one sweet and innocent - but with a tasty bite!

Calling all summer fruit fans! We've taken a punnet full of strawberries, added a hint of cream and finished with a subtle tang of raspberry for a fabulously fruity all day vape.

Forest Affair
Marrying over ten different flavours, this complex fruit vape combines notes of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and sloe with vanilla and a sprinkling of spice. What's not to love about this forest affair?

UK Smokes
This classic tobacco vape blends faint notes of Burley and Latakia tobacco leaves with a smokiness that is reassuringly familiar. Its subtle and smooth tobacco taste makes UK Smokes a great all day vape - especially for those who have recently quit smoking.

Jack the Ripple
Ice cream lovers rejoice! This sweet and creamy raspberry ripple ice cream inspired vape will bring back memories of childhood puds while giving you a grown up throat hit. A firm favourite amongst Europe's vaping community, Jack is the definition of an ice cream for adults!

Virgin Leaf
This smooth tobacco taste is mainly derived from bright leaf tobacco, commonly known as Virginia. Hints of coconut add a roundness to the flavour for a cool tobacco vape.

John Freeze
This cooling and revitalising blast of spearmint and peppermint is combined with a pure menthol hit to give a great vape all day and night.

Green Kelly
Mr Kelly is a fresh summer lemonade, mixed with ripe raspberries and a juicy citrus twist. A hint of sparkling soda makes this a vape to remember.

Nic Shots manufactured by 88Vape are also available in the listing in bulks of 10 x 10ml available in 1.5 and 1.8% (100%VG)

We hold no responsibility and take no liability for people decanting, rebottling, reworking or remixing any of our products.