Variable Votlage Electronic Shisha Pen Wickless CE5+ Electronic Cigarette Pen

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This item has been designed to meet vapour requirements within a budget as.  With its variable voltage control is designed to allow the user to control the vape, flavour and throat hit.  It empowers the end user to change the type of e-liquid PG/VG mix that is used without switching to a mod or changing to a different voltage type battery.  The wickless tank gives through a refreshing flavour and a decent amount of vape for a CE range tank.  Overall this is a mid range kit ideal for starters and experienced vapours.

Recommended usage is:

Low setting for 1.5 to 2.2 ohm coils

Medium setting for 2.3 to 2.6 ohm coils

High setting for over 2.7 ohm coils.

However this is all based on personal choice.  It is supplied with a wickless tank allowing an intense flavour and optimum vape which is also cost effective to maintain.

This is at a bargain price normally the battery costs Ł10 the tank Ł3.99 and charger Ł2.44 making it worth Ł16.43!  Total Savings of Ł4.75




Wickless CE5+ Rebuildable Tank

1) Capacity: 1.6 ML    2) Wickless Resistance : 2.3-2.6 ohms    3) Threading : eGo/510

Additional coils for this tank can be brought from the coils section in my shop.


Variable Voltage VVAPE Battery:

1) 800 Puffs on fully charged battery   2) Variable Voltage

3) Rapid 5 click LED Function:

RED = Low (3.0-3.4 Volts)

PURPLE = Medium (3.4-3.8 Volts)

BLUE = High (3.8-4.2 Volts)

4) Threading: eGo 510    5) Charging Time: 1 - 3 Hours     6) Battery Life: 300 Recharges


Charger Specification:

1) 4cm USB    2) input"DC4.5-6V 500mAh   3) output"DC4.2V 420mAh  

4) Connection: 5V Adapter / Computer USB port / Vehicle USB Port

5) DC Output 5V



When screwing in the battery to charge, the button will flash 3 to 5 times (Depending on the Kit you have brought) and the charger's light will then turn red, when it turns green charge is complete. You must adhere to charger connection spec stated above.


Filling up Tank:

Unscrew drip tip and lean the cE5+ at a 45 degrees angle.

Refill the clearomizer slowly using your e-liquid dropper bottle until reaching the 1.2ml to 1.4ml mark for optimum vape. Be careful not to spill e-liquid into the center tube.



Screw tank on to battery. Press LED button and inhale at same time. Do not press the button for any longer than the length of the pull. Rapidly click button 5 times to move to the next Voltage level.


Safety Notice:

  • 18s Only Product / Not suitable for Pregnant women, women who breast feed or people who have any type of illness such as heart condition, allergies, lung disease, high blood pressure.
  • If unsure please consult your Doctor regarding using this item
  • Store under normal conditions / Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Product is designed for an alternative smoking experience without the tobacco and tar.  This is not to be used for any other purposes.
  • This is an electronic shisha pen, nicotine free item
  • Dispose of to protect environment and battery is to be taken to a battery bank as this is recyclable.